Your order includes in-home delivery with set up. We never charge extra for this service as others do. We don't feel that our customers should struggle carrying their furniture in from the curb potentially damaging their furniture. No need to worry about transit damage. The packaging is opened by the drivers and you can inspect your order prior to the drivers leaving and before signing the receiving papers. We only use asset based carriers which means the delivery company owns their own trucks. It also means the same two drivers that put your order on the truck will be the same two drivers that set your order up in your home. Your order is loaded on the tuck so that the last order in is the first order out. Your furniture is not handled while traveling. It won't go through terminals where furniture is often damaged. Damage is very rare with asset based carriers.

We never use a curbside delivery. One of the major concerns with a curbside delivery is the driver leaves your order at the curb. You can only visually inspect the outside of the packaging at the curb. If the packaging appears intact and you sign the receiving papers as received in good condition and then later find your order is damaged it then becomes very difficult to file a claim. Curbside delivery companies as a rule are not asset based carriers. Generally your furniture will go through several terminals or hubs on route, offloaded and loaded onto various trucks in order to reach your destination. Damage with this type of delivery is much more common.