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Fresco Leather Special

Featured Article: Casco Bay Furniture - The History of the Chesterfield Sofa

free white glove delivery free damage protection

Classic Mid Century Modern Design. True 8 Way Hand Tied, 5/4 Hardwood Frame. Down Cushions. Hand Crafted in North Carolina (never imported)

Limited time offer: Free leather upgrade
SAVE up to $100 per piece in Brompton Cocoa Leather
SAVE up to $200 per piece in Becca Leather (available in 7 colors).
Right or Left Sofa Lounger Sectionals, Sofa, Love Seat, Chair and Ottoman


Here is how the free leather upgrade works. If You order your furniture in the Brompton Leather your order will be priced out in the Baroque Leather. With free shipping and no sales tax this deal is hard to beat.

Please call 207-272-0557 or email for free swatches,

additional information, or to place your order.

Price includes professional in-home delivery almost everywhere.
NO SALES TAX in most states.

Premium Becca Leather on Sale!
Becca Leather is a high quality leather produced in Italy. It has a semi-smooth hand with a cool surface. it is also scratch resistant with a protective finish. Becca is available in seven colors; black, brown,two different grays, off-white, taupe, and white.

Other Leather Options. We are also featuring a collection of three other carefully selected, high-quality, aniline dyed wax pull up leathers Brompton, Echo and Mont Blanc leather. Additional colors to those featured on our page are available on request. These leathers are for those that want the very best . Only 5% of the worlds hides are used for this leather. Brompton is available in 5 colors, Brompton Cocoa, Black, Chestnut, Walnut and Vintage. New from the Italian Tannery that produces Brompton, Echo leather and Mont Blanc leather. Echo and Mont Blanc have similar characteristics to Brompton and are comparable in quality. Due to a new technology Echo and Mont Blanc have a wide range of colors. Echo and Mont Blanc are available in 72 colors. Echo and Mont Blanc are more pliable and a little softer. Click the thumbnail below to see where the tannery is located in Italy.

Looking for something else? We have a wide variety of other choices.

Brighton is another excellent choice for tufted furniture. Brighton has a beautiful naturally-milled grain with saturated color making Brighton the perfect choice for a soft, authentic look. Brighton has a  special agent that make it feel supple and polished, imparting a soft sense of elegance and luxury. We are featuring 12 colors in Brighten although 12 other colors are available upon request.

Berkshire leather tanned in Italy on English bull hides is another leather for serious consideration. Unlike distressed leathers, the hides of this leather are more supple resulting in a leather with a worn-in-aesthetic. This leather is tanned with wax and oils then lightly polished to create a vintage look. Berkshire is available in 5 colors and is the perfect choice for many applications

Want to know more about Brompton Leather and how to take care of it? Read our article "The Coveted Brompton Leather Sofa".

thumb of tannery address

What Makes this Set So Special
True Eight-way hand-tied spring suspension - Built to Last a Lifetime!

Our set has a traditional Hand Knotted Eight-Way, Hand-Tied construction - the ultimate in durability and comfort. Each spring can move independently in any direction. Superior to "No-Sag" Sinuous Springs Systems and machine made "Flexolator"TM suspensions. Don't be misled by those that tell you sinuous spring and FlexolatorsTM springs are as good as eight-way hand tied systems. Also be aware of sets, often imports, usually available in one color only, constructed with an "Interwoven web base and webbed back construction" (also referred to as "Pirelli Webbing") A webbing-base and back construction is essentially a rubberized material, woven like what you might find on an "old lawn chair." This type of construction usually sags and "bottoms out" within a few years. Drop in Spring Units are better than sinuous wire springs, but not as good as a true 8 way hand tied system. The drop in unit is not built into the frame. It is a pre-assembled unit attached to the frame by several screws along the top of the frame and usually held in place by bands or wooden rails along the bottom of the frame. The system will sometimes have cording tying the springs to each other and to the sides but the cording has minimal functional value as the springs are held in place by metal clips and the springs cannot move freely. Another type of drop in unit called a "Soft Luxe"TM Drop in Pocketed Coil System derived from the mattress industry does not have the durability or longevity of a traditional 8 way hand tied spring system. The pocketed system is not built into the frame and as a result does not contribute to the torsional strength of the frame and spring. Essentially it is a preassembled unit comprised of a series of small springs encased in fabric. Typically the wooden frame of the sofa is turned upside down and a polypropylene fabric called "FLW" is stapled in place covering the base of the frame. The frame is turned back over and glue is sprayed on the poly. The pocketed unit is then glued to the Poly. Eight-Way Hand Tied systems are found in only the very best quality sets, from top-end manufacturers and are built to last a lifetime. This system gives the furniture an even comfort level that will not bottom out. Sinuous spring and webbing systems are found in all the low end sets-sofas selling for $399, for example. Sinuous wire, FlexalatorsTM and webbing systems suspensions can only move in one direction, up and down. 8 way tied systems can take hours to build. Sinuous wire springs and drop in units for example can be installed in a few minutes. Because an 8 way tied system is done by hand it is considered to be more reliable. It is not entirely uncommon to hear of an 8 way hand tied sofa holding up for several decades. Some, in fact, can last as long as 50 years. This set is a sizable investment; make sure it will last by choosing the proper construction. Eight-Way Hand Tied construction is especially important in extra deep pieces.

Want to know more about how our furniture is made? Read our article "An Interview With a High End, Quality Upholstered Leather Furniture Expert" and Factory Owner.

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Down Blend Seat Cushions and Back Cushions are always free.
Very few manufacturers or retailers offer down back cushions!

Each couch has a breathable back for sumptuous seating. Down seat and back cushions not only sit better, they look better as the cushions "crown" and have a more natural flowing appearance. Our foam on this style is Soy Based and Earth friendly.

We do offer several cushion upgrades for a nominal fee to suit everyone's comfort level including: Ultracel Reflex cushions with a down blend wrap, Ultracel 1.8 lb 21 IFD with a down blend wrap, Ultracel 2.5 lb 25 IFD with a down blend wrap and Ultracel Spring Down cushions. Call for details.

Want to know more about how our cushions are made? Read our article "An Interview With a Cushion Expert...Everything You Wanted to Know About Furniture Cushions".

thumb of Cushion-3 thumb of Cushion-4 thumb of Pillow-1 thumb of Pillow-2
Superbly made by skilled craftsman by one of North Carolina's foremost high end specialty leather manufacturers.
This specialty manufacturer has the experience to make an exceptional product. Their upholsterers, each with decades of experience will please the most discriminating buyer. Why go elsewhere when the worlds best furniture is made right here in North Carolina? We couldn't think of a good reason either.
Want to know more about who makes our furniture? Read our featured article:  Casco Bay Furniture - The Expertise of our Furniture Factories

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100% Kiln-dried, double-doweled, corner blocked, hardwood frames for maximum durability. No plywood, no softwood and no particle board. Built in North Carolina! We use 5/4 hardwood. Most manufacturers simply state that they use kiln dried hardwood which generally means hardwood plywood. 5/4 hardwood is the gold standard in frame construction.
These frames are milled in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina and Virginia. Assembled locally. We use added hardwood stretchers across the base for added structural integrity. Many manufacturers use plywood frames often times referred to as Manufactured Hardwood. Don't be misled by those that tell you a plywood frame is as good as a hardwood frame. Manufactures like to use plywood frames as they are less costly to build. A plywood frame can be cut by a machine called a C and C router in a matter of minutes. Plywood flexes and does not have the rigidify of a hardwood frame. Hardwood frames do not contain the glues and byproducts of a plywood frame. Each frame is bench made by hand by skilled craftsman. The lumber used in this style is supplied by Associated Hardwoods, Inc. from Sustainable Hardwood Forests and is part of the Green Initiative. On occasion some lumber is sourced from sustainable forests in Oregon, Wisconsin and Maine.

thumb of 9594thumb of 9597thumb of 9599The Green Initiative & Appalachian Hardwood Verified Sustainable


Includes a manufacturer's warranty

Additional Premium Warranty

No need to worry about how to service your furniture should the need arise. Your piece of mind is assured with our 5 year Premium Protection Plan available for $299.

Coverage includes, punctures, rips and burns. Unintentional damage from handling including all stains even bleach and caustic solutions. Coverage for dye transfer. Covers frame, spring, sleeper and recliner mechanisms. Features fewer exceptions than other plans. Full replacement feature. 30 day reporting period not the usual 5 day reporting period. Covers your entire order up to $20,000. Plan features in home service if possible. The service center may opt to perform the service in-shop and then return the item upon completion. All at no cost to you. Please see your actual warranty for terms and conditions.

24 hour customer service toll free number. This warranty is fully insured and underwritten by TWG “The Warranty Group” with over 5.5 Billion in assets.
(USA only)

Limited time offer free leather upgrade!
SAVE an additional $100 per piece or sectional in Brompton Leather!
SAVE $200 per piece or sectional in Becca Leather!
Free Professional In Home Delivery almost everywhere.

Brompton Cocoa & Becca Leather - Fresco Special
Limited Time Offer March 1st - March 31st in Brompton Cocoa and Becca Leather only, includes free extended service plan, free professional in home delivery (almost everywhere on almost everything) and no sales tax in most states. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Brompton Chocolate Swatch
Brompton Cocoa &
Becca Leathers
Brompton Cocoa Leather Becca Leather
Sofa/ Lounger RHF/ LHF:
$6298 $6198
121"W x 93"D x 40”D x 40"H
Love Seat/ Lounger RHF/ LHF:
$6198 $6098
104"W x 93"D x 40"D x 40"H
Sofa: $3388 $3288
85"W x 40"D x 40"H
Love Seat: $3188 $3088
68"W x 40"D x 40"H
Chair : $2348 $2248
38"W x 40"D x 40"H
Corner Sectional: $6988 $6888
104"W x 104"W x 40"D x 40"H
L Sectional R/L: $7888 $7788
104"W x 133"W x 40"D x 40" H
Brompton Chocolate Swatch
Brompton, Brentwood,
Dakota, Echo &
Mont Blanc Leathers
Coach Cordovan Swatch
Baroque Leathers
Range Java Swatch
Tribecca Leathers

Measurements Lots of Options! We can make other sizes! Call for details on sizes! These are the manufacturer's stated dimensions. As this furniture is hand-crafted, actual dimensions may vary slightly from the stated dimensions. Scroll down to see additional photos.

Piece : Measurements Brompton, Brentwood, Becca, Berkshire, Burnham, Dakota,
Echo & Mont Blanc Leathers
Baroque Leathers
Tribecca Leathers
Sofa/ Lounger RHF/ LHF
121"W x 93"D x 40"H
121"W x 40"D x 40"H
$6298 $6198 $6098
Love Seat/ Lounger RHF/ LHF
104"W x 93"D x 40"H
104"W x 40"D x 40"H
$6198 $6098 $5998
85"W x 40"D x 40"H
$3388 $3288 $3188
Love Seat
68"W x 40"D x 40"H
$3188 $3088 $2988
38"W x 40"D x 40"H
$2348 $2248 $2148
Corner Sectional
104"W x 104"W x 40"D x 40"H
$6888 $6788 $6588
L Sectional R/L
104"W x 133"W x 40"D x 40"H
$7888 $7688 $7588


Fresco Sofa Lounger Rear View, 121"W x 93"W 40"D x 40"H
upholstered in Echo Cigar leather. Echo Cigar is from the world famous tannery in Italy called "Finco Spa". This sectional has a 5/4 solid maple and poplar frame and true 8 way hand tied springs with Ultracel down wrapped 1.8 18 IFD cushions.

Fresco Sofa Lounger Rear View

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