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From: Debbie Tomlinson,, Levittown, PA
Sent: Thursday, June 20, 2013 6:58 AM
Subject: Our furniture is Stunning!!!!!

We worked like dogs on the room that it was to be put in since it was so early. Not quite finished, but when it is I will send a picture of the furniture in the room. It's a pretty large room and the furniture really fits in well. Of course everyone who sees the furniture loves it. Such beautiful pieces.

Manchester Sofa, 112"W x 48"D x 35"H, Loveseat, 74"W x 48"D x 35"H ,  Recliner, 44"W x 43"D x 35"H  and one Storage Ottoman, 31" x 22" x 19"H , all in Brompton Cocoa leather with Ultracel cushions and 5/8" French Natural Nailhead Trim.
- Debbie Tomlinson,, Levittown, PA

Sent: Wednesday, May 22, 2013 7:20 PM
Subject: Loving the sofa and love seat!

They are gorgeous!  Wish the picture was better but once again I cannot thank you enough!!! Your recommendation to go with these extra deep ones was absolutely correct!! I'm just as pleased as I was with the sip covered set, we ordered from you for the San Clemente place.  Now we are trying to figure out which to order for Catalina Island!!

Should anyone need a truthful description of your wonderful construction and beautifully made products they can call me at 559-280-6168.
PS. That's a full size grand piano behind the sofa (needed those larger sofas for scale size in room) and all the doggie toys too!  We have three little dogs and they love the couches as well! Manchester Sofa, 95"W x 48"D x 35"H Loveseat, 74"W x 48"D x 35"H,  in Brentwood Tan leather with wedge Feet and Spring Down Cushions.

- Melanie Owens -

5/1/12 - I couldn’t be happier with the quality of my purchase or the customer service I received from Rob and Kristina at Casco Bay. When I first called, Rob talked to me for a solid half an hour about my specific needs and also about the craftsmanship and materials that go into Casco Bays’ furniture. I knew I was working with a high caliber establishment when I got off the phone without ever having been pressured or even asked to buy anything. After doing some more research, I was ready to make a purchase. I was, a bit nervous to buy a piece of furniture sight-unseen, but based on the testimonials and the pictures, I took a leap of faith. I can’t tell you how happy I did. I got the Manchester Sofa in Brompton Cocoa with brass nail head trim. (I also upgraded to ultracel foam) The sofa was done ahead of the promised completion date and great guys at Peace Truck delivery were even two days early with the sofa! I’ve now had the sofa since September of 2012 and it is wonderful. It's so well made, so sturdy, and just gets more beautiful every day. The craftsmanship is evident in every aspect of the feel and look of this amazing sofa. The leather is wonderfully thick and is breaking in beautifully every day. The sofa literally stops me in my tracks a few times a day when I’m walking through my apartment. I have to just stop and stare at it. It’s that attractive. (It also filled with my apartment with fantastic new-leather smell for months!) I’m sincerely hoping to have this wonderful sofa for the rest of my life.

I look forward to a day when I can move into a bigger living situation so that I can have Casco Bay make me a few chairs and a love seat to match this beautiful sofa. But for now, I am more than content with the work and service I got from this wonderful company.

- Carson Elrod, Brooklyn, NY -

4/15/13 - Kristina and Robert, Thank you so much for all of your patience with my order. I finally had my furniture delivered a few weeks ago and I am very very happy with my purchase. It is more then I had hoped for in the appearance, quality and design! You have fantastic products and your care and concerns are just what the customers have been looking for in today's economy. It was great doing business with you both and Casco Bay Furniture. Also Peace Transport did a great job as well. Thanks again! Manchester Grande Sofa, and Studio Loveseat, in Brompton Cocoa leather, with Ultracel Cushions. Rob, I don't mind if you use my name or email because everyone deserves to know about you and your company! - Becky Faassen, Tega Cay, SC,

- Becky Faassen, Tega Cay, SC -

Dear Rob,
Hi there! this is Marge Reidel from Columbus husband and I just got back from a month in Key West.........the thing I missed the most was our couch (huge sectional) .....we took our dog with we we would have missed her the most, but she was with us....That is what I am saying....WE LOVE OUR CASCO BAY COUCH!!!!!!! Just wanted to let you know! Thanks again, Manchester L Sectional in Brompton Cocoa delivered 6/2/11.

- Marge Reidel, Columbus, OH -

3/12/13 - Rob and Kristina, I want you to know how incredibly pleased I am with my sofa and your company. The Madison sofa in Brompton Cocoa is simply stunning.

Everyone that sees it and sits on it loves it! They are amazed that I would purchase furniture sight unseen and I admit I was nervous, but I will wholeheartedly recommend your company to anyone. Not only did the sofa arrive sooner than I had expected, the quality of construction is evident, and I will enjoy my furniture for many, many years to come. Your response to any concerns I had was immediate and I appreciate it very much.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything! You have a lifetime customer in me! Feel free to put this on your website! You have been awesome!

- Lara Mortensen, Highland UT 801-734-0769.

3/1/13 - Rob, We picked the sofa up today and it exceeded my expectations. Fantastic job by Sun Delivery. What a professional company, their communication was excellent, their staff was fabulous, and their execution perfect. We placed the sofa in the living room and didn't move off it all afternoon! I can only imagine how it will improve with age. Thanks very much for a job well done. I look forward to working with you on future purchases. Madison Sofa, 85"W x 42"D x 35"H, in Brompton Cocoa leather, and Ultracel Cushions.

- Dave Graham, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada.

1/28/13 - Sales: Thank you!!
Rob & Kristina, You both deserve praise and recognition for your superior customer service in helping me with my purchase of the Manchester Chair and Ottoman in Brompton Cocoa. They were delivered last week and are magnificent pieces of craftsmanship.

Kristina - A huge thank you for so quickly dealing with a hiccup in the delivery. Seattle is a long way from NC and the team that ended up delivering it did so quickly and professionally.

Rob - I really appreciate your knowledge and understanding in helping me special order a chair that would accommodate my height. The Ultracel 2.5 cushions you recommended are delightfully comfortable even though they are yet to be broken in. I noted a number of the testimonials stated that they hoped to do business with you again in the future. The testimony to my trust in your company and satisfaction with your furniture was to order a second chair from you this afternoon. Thank you both again!!

- Skip Cassidy, Seattle WA.

1/16/13 - Rob, We love, love, love our special order Manchester leather sectional in Brompton Cocoa. I feel like I am just echoing the words of everyone who has written a testimonial before me! As you know I had my heart set on the design of RH Lancaster sofa collection. However that was back when RH was made in NC and not in China as it is now. After several exhausting hours of research that spanned days we were nothing but comfortable with placing our order with you and Casco Bay. We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to answer all of our questions. Your knowledge on quality construction proved invaluable. It was smooth sailing from start to finish. We elected to upgrade to the Ultracel cushions and could not be happier. Initially they were a bit 'stiff' but you were right about the leather softening up with time and use, less than 2 months time. We went with the regular depth of 43' and it is plenty deep. It makes the perfect sleeping spot. Our order was completed and shipped within the estimated 8 weeks. Peace Transport and their white glove delivery was excellent. The couch came well padded and protected and was assembled with such care. The quality and workmanship was unprecedented and you can definitely tell it was made in America! It is absolutely gorgeous and the attention to detail is amazing. We have gotten nothing but fantastic compliments from family and friends including an interior designer that specializes in very high end home interiors. Thank you again from your newest lifelong customers!!!

- Meghan, Williamsburg VA.

1/2/13 - It has been months since we received our custom Brompton leather sectional, and my husband has asked me several times if I have written a review about our sectional (I'm usually pretty good about writing reviews, positive or negative), and I have lagged in this regard. With no particular budget in mind, we shopped all over for the perfect leather sectional that would suit our very casual (read: dirty) lifestyle. We decided to go with Restoration Hardware's Brompton leather, the beat-up stuff. My husband loved that it looked better with age. However, after almost closing the deal for $12K+ at Restoration Hardware, we hesitated. I then did research on RH's performance and reviews and found they weren't that great. It wasn't the $ we weren't willing to spend, it was the investment. I googled and happened to find Casco and had a good feeling after researching it. After much study and going back and forth with Casco Bay and other companies, my husband and I took a leap of faith and it was a perfect decision. We've had these in our home for a few months; they came to us perfectly, and we love them. No signs of sagging, either. My husband keeps repeating to anyone who will listen that our sofas are as good as or better than RH. One reason they are better is because we could get them at 42" deep, not 40" (too shallow) or 46" (too deep), and we customized them to our perfect length (96") on each side. The cost was about $5K less than RH's sale price. I'm writing this review to let you know to trust the company. I did feel like I needed to trust RH and pay their prices but I almost feel like I got duped. I am so glad I went with this company. I feel like I got a great deal from (AMERICAN) co. (not the RH isn't) and got so much more bang for our buck. The sectional holds together well, no slipping. Beautiful. Exquisite. I can't say enough...and I am one picky customer who changed my mind so many times, and who still does with additional purchases. Do not hesitate. Madison Sectional.

- Juli, Dana Point CA.

12/20/12 - Hi Rob & Kristina, We received our new couch and ottoman (which was about 5 weeks earlier than expected!). I wanted to tell you that we absolutely love them. We were a little nervous about buying sight unseen from a non-mall store, but it was worth the gamble and then some. The D&D delivery guys were great. Even traveling across the entire country, the furniture didn't have a single scratch. Our couch and ottoman are absolutely beautiful, leather and craftsmanship just like you said they would be. We are thrilled that they are made in the U.S. We are so happy that we found your site. Thank you for providing such a spectacular product at a great price. Our friends who have fairly new leather couches from Restoration are jealous of the quality of ours. They want to sell theirs and get some from you!!! Thank you & Happy Holidays! Manchester Take-Apart Sofa, 95"W x 48"D x 35"H, in Brompton Cocoa.

- Amy, San Diego CA.

11/05/12 - Rob, Can't seem to locate the area in which to SCREAM my thanks!! Your delivery company was awesome too (D and D Delivery)!! This beach home took almost an additional year to complete so I had to wait in receiving my purchases from your wonderful company. Five days ago we unwrapped the down slip covered sofa and oversized chair with ottoman. I squealed when I saw them!!! They were WAY WAY more than I expected!!! Absolutely stunning in quality, size and comfort. .I want to offer my personal phone number for any one who would appreciate a real consumer sharing such satisfaction. 559-280-6168. These items are in San Clemente California and I would love to show them to anyone considering a purchase thru you. Much appreciation. Jennifer Slipcovered Sofa in Mason Horizon and a matching Chair & 1/2 and ottoman 1/2 in Liverpool Natural all with down cushions.

- Melanie Owens.

10/31/12 - Hi Rob, My Mont Blanc Evergreen Chesterfield Sofa arrived the day before yesterday. I just want to say how beautiful it is and how much I love it. I even want to sleep on it. The delivery men from "Peace Transport" were so good and so polite and so nice. I have nothing but good things to say. I just want to say thank you. Bristol 81" Sofa with Cherry Finish and French Natural Nailhead Trim.

- Marilyn, Leewood, KS.